Merging utility with art and creativity.

MK Ultra Artists Pottery Studio started in 2022 but have been creating ceramic art for more than a decade! Do you live in Koh Samui and want to play with clay? Check out the Classes & Location page for more details!

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Meet MK Ultra Artists

Morgan and Kalvin moved to Koh Samui with a dream to become Ceramic Teachers. To do that they had to build MK Ultra Artists Pottery Studio in Bangrak. With their motivation and business knowledge this dream became a reality. Morgan and Kalvin have been teaching the community how to wheel throw and hand build with clay. They teach all ages and have established a true pottery studio environment. Their ceramic journey started over 10 years ago, with one idea in mind; how to keep the wheel turning.With your support they will be able to do just that; Keep The Wheel Turning.
Artist Credentials
Kalvin P. McGargill
Bachelors of Arts, Studio Arts, Wayne State College 2016-2020
1st place in 3D Artworks at Wayne State College’s Juried Show.
Co-founder of MKUltra Artists
Morgan Morrison 
Co-founder of MK Ultra Artists
Co-founder of MOMO Pottery 2013-2020
Ceramic Technician, Los Angeles California 2014-2015
  • Tea Pot Set

    Advanced wheel throwing and hand building techniques.

  • Coffee Mugs

    Beginner and intermediate level

  • Vase

    Intermediate and advanced level

  • Mugs

    MK Ultra Artists favorite item to wheel throw is coffee mugs!

  • Bowls

    We love wheel throwing large soup bowls!

  • Shot Glasses

    Our most popular sold item is our one of a kind shot glasses!